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102 Calverley Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2UN, UK

Allkin stands for All Community, All Friends, All of Us.

We spent 4 years building Good Things Brewing Co to something we were incredibly proud of.  Brewing & packaging 255,185 cans & 48,200 Pints in just 50 months.   Of which only 11 of those months were outside of Covid. We invented the worlds first spent grain dehydrator, allowing us to turn our used brewery grains in to a super flour, dehydrated & milled in house. Using this on pizzas in our own tap bar and sharing the flour across UK bakeries. We became the most sustainable brewery in the UK, creating over 90kw of energy daily, drawing up our own bore hole water, re-using our waste products & delivering in our electric van.

But on the 25th of July last year our brewery devastatingly got struck by lightning & burnt to the ground.  After 18 months of fighting and finding every silver lining we possibly could, we started to see only the positives in our journey ahead. We had grown, become incredibly resilient & have a team that has more than enough knowledge to make this next brewery even more successful than the last. From milling the fallen oak on site served up by the last few years of storms, to using every last piece of sandstone from underneath the old brewery foundations. Building better infrastructure from the ground up, we will be taking sustainability even further than before.

We have collaborated with some of the best breweries across the UK on our 'Road to Unruin' tour, helping us keep our name in the industry and building on where we left off. We have even brought to life a new brand - welcome to Allkin Brewing CompanyOur brewery has been designed from the ground up to help us push our beers even further with even more efficiency, plus we've opened Allkin Tap & Bottle on Calverley Road.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new bar and our new chapter very soon.

Allkin Tap & Bottle

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