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Clean, organic skincare. 

My eldest daughter began to suffer from skin complications aged nine, triggered by chlorine in pools on holiday.  As she matured the problem became exacerbated, evolving into constant dermatitis/eczema. Countless GP creams, testing by a dermatologist and even more medicated creams seemed to only slightly ease the condition, but not cure.

I started checking ingredients in everything from washing powders to moisturisers. From the information the dermatologist gave as to why these medicated creams were needed and further independent research, I started turning to natural remedies.  Driven by the need to heal my daughter's skin and to try to reduce our plastic bottle usage, I formulated our now flagship product, illuminate face oil. Her skin is 95% better (no need for meds), my skin looks fantastic and my friends started asking to try some. We launched in October 2020.

Our ethos is organic where possible and all-natural.  We don't dilute our products with water and therefore there are no preservatives or emulsifiers, so the range is free of all nasties.  We use amber bottles and aluminium tins to minimise the amount of plastic we use and we test all our products on me first and then my own daughters, before going out to a wider testing group.  They are certainly cruelty free and they are also vegan.


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