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Tunbridge Wells life casts by Christine, a specialist life caster. I’ve been running my business from a studio in my home since 2014 and I create beautiful casts of newborns, children, families and pets – keepsakes of your loved ones for you to treasure. Casting is suitable from newborn, in fact the youngest baby I’ve cast was just 36 hours old and my oldest customer a gentleman of 87.

When you commission a casting you’re not necessarily paying for just my time but for my years of experience making casts which are a beautiful work of art with guaranteed results every time.

I’m passionate about recording intricate details, especially the tiny wrinkles and creases of newborns not quite grown into their skin yet. Children grow so quickly; one minute they’re your precious little newborn, and before you know it they are taking their first steps, starting school, moving to secondary school then all too quickly they’ve grown up and left home. We all want to treasure the memories of those first days, weeks and months and through a simple process I can help you to remember every wrinkle and crease of their tiny hands and feet forever.

My skills are not limited to children. Over the past 4 years that I have been casting, I have cast numerous teenagers and adults’ hands that show so much character, experience and love.

Family casts are a beautiful way to capture that bond between the family, be they siblings, couples or parents with their children. And your furry friends shouldn’t be left out either, dogs are also welcome in my casting studio!

Babyprints Tunbridge Wells

£10 off a framed casting

£10 off a framed casting.

Please mention your membership when booking and bring your card with you.

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