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Cedar Gables, Hastings Road, Flimwell, East Sussex TN5 7QA


Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters was founded on the principle of helping people enjoy a Better Cup of Coffee. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for good coffee with our customers. Socially responsible choices help us make sure we are using sustainable sources, reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever possible, diminishing our environmental footprint.

When buying from Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters, you can be sure of your coffee's provenance. Rest assured that the farmer has been paid a fair price and is additionally supported through programmes of education, technical support, and community welfare.

We are proud of our attention to detail and consistency in our roasting. Our focus is firmly on providing reliably high-quality, single origin coffees and blends to customers at home. Let us help you enjoy a Better Cup of Coffee. Wholesale enquiries welcome.


Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters

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