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Creams: A Review by Bibi Roy

Each week our in-house food writer Bibi Roy reviews one of our TN partners to see what members can expect when they visit. This time she heads to Creams at 31-37 Grosvenor Road for her birthday.


Creams Café, a franchise of the Creams Café Group opened in December 2017. It is situated among many independents at the top of town,that have cornered the delivery market but also have dine in options. I often pop in on my way back from the brilliant international stores that sell every nationality of food known to man, well it seems that way when I wander through them.

It is birthday week and I am in need of a treat, so I wander in with my good friend Sophie for what can only be described as an “ignore the calories, we’ll tackle the cross trainer later” experience. As a matter of fact, Creams Café details calories on every part of their menu. I find it very useful, useful to ignore as I want to try everything on the menu. Hold me back with the toddler reigns.

We are greeted by manager Moneeb and host Kerry whom are both lovely and show us to one of their big purple booths, each bedazzled with the Creams logo. Originally twice the size, the restaurant had a state of the art play area. It was great for mums and dads wanting to come along and let the children have fun whilst having a coffee and gelato. Post pandemic this area has now been closed off to be rented to another business. Kerry mentions that 70% of their business is via delivery platforms like Ubereats, Just Eat and Deliveroo. Despite the fun disco ball, spaceship gelato station and cool upper level that could accommodate parties and groups, (the glittery lightbulbs that spell out, The Italian Gelato and Dessert Co are enough to coax me in there), the place remains quiet. It’s daft because their offering is extensive and the quality of food surprisingly good. This is fast food, but done really well.

The menu is vast. It is split into Create your own, cakes, hot and cold drinks, plant based desserts and shakes, savoury, kids menu, sundaes, scoop shakes, thick shakes, old school classics, signature desserts, doughnuts, gelato and sorbet and cookie dough. Vegan, popular and instagramable signs are denoted all over it which helps a lot. Sophie and myself have seen popcorn chicken waffle bites and are all over them like a guilty pleasure. You can choose barbecue sauce or maple syrup. We go for the syrup and also pick the cheese nachos with salsa and nacho cheese sauce. For a little extra, cheese, jalapenos, guacamole and salsa are also available.

If you love a slushy they go big here. Sophie chooses a mega-mix of blue raspberry and strawberry. They are sugar free and under 106 kcal. My Oreo and peanut butter thick shake on the other hand is over 441 kcals but it is just divine. You know when you get brain freeze trying to suck the liquid through the straw? That kind of divine.

The popcorn chicken waffle bites are awesome. Dunked in maple syrup, we literally cannot stop eating them. I’m ordering a takeout as we munch. The nachos are like the ones in the cinema that no matter how hard one tries, they just keep being loaded into your mouth. Hands don’t seem to know when to stop.

We both choose waffles for dessert. “Bueno me up”, says Sophie. A signature she chooses with white chocolate hazelnut spread, white chocolate Kinder Bueno, Creams Bueno gelato, white chocolate shavings and a Creams wafer. We are both obsessed with white chocolate and I choose a waffle with white chocolate gelato, sauce and shavings, topped with fresh strawberries, from the create your own section. The waffles here are really light, the recipe having changed over the years and we find it quite easy to finish them. I don’t know anywhere else in town that offers this level of dessert with such great value for money. There is so much choice and you can even sign up by QR code for further great offers.

Kerry is attentive throughout our visit but lets us chat and as we sit, families after the school run arrive ready to order their favourite creations, whilst catching up with their children on the day’s events. How often do you see that anymore? I think Creams Café is a great place. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and I dare you not to smile when your food arrives. Everybody deserves to be a little naughty once in a while. Change the takeaway to a dine in and see how much fun you have. Thank you Moneeb and Kerry.

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