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This month we chat to Ed at The Rum Company on why rum is the way forward.

"Forget what you know about rum… it was once said; "there is a rum out there for everyone, they just don’t know it yet..."

The days of rum being some ancient bottle at the back of your uncle’s spirit cupboard and only dusted off at some stuffy party are long gone. The world of rum is changing, and the rum scene continues to grow from strength to strength… and The Rum Company is at the forefront. 

Having launched on World Rum Day in July 2020, The Rum Company has seen incredible growth. From bottle sales, gift taster sets, market stalls and cocktails, to ‘The Rum Club’ (a monthly subscription service that delivers two rum samples each month) to the long awaited Castlemas at Tonbridge Castle. 

British rum especially is thriving. The rum community is passionate, people are looking for rum with new character, looking to move away from their usual mainstream supermarket rum. New innovation, new flavours, new concepts, new passion. More recently with a focus on local produce, sustainability and carbon negative footprint. 

The Rum Company has something for everyone…

Find a delicate, botanical rum if you’re a gin lover. Find a light, elegant rum for some funky cocktails. Find a fruity, tropical rum for those summer garden parties. Find a sweet, floral honey rum to share with friends. Find an indulgent, Christmas spice dark rum for sipping during the festive season. Find an eye-catching premium rum or local rum for gifting. The Rum Company has them all. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, date night or just saying thank you – add a gift message.

So, whether you're a rum novice, a gin lover or a salty sea dog, The Rum Company’s website will help you to find the right rum for your needs, whether searching by location, taste notes or cocktail serves.

Time flies when you’re having rum."

Members enjoy 10% discount online and in person. FInd more details here.



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