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We meet Gusta

This month we speak to Ami and Lelio of Gusta on Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells.

"Gusta was born over a couple of beers in a pub in Napoli, Southern Italy. We dreamt about combining our passion for Napolatean food, wine and culture with our love for meeting people.

From there, we sought out the finest food and wine that our city and region had to offer, worked out how we would transport this and began our search for a shop. Approximately one year later, we received the keys to 49 Camden Road in Tunbridge Wells.

Since then, we have made thousands of espressos, grated kilos of parmesan and sliced many a Prosciutto for countless customers, many of whom we now consider friends. 

Fast forward 6 years and we find ourselves at the end of a difficult year. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to bringing a taste of our beautiful Italy to Camden Road.  We hope that, more than ever, our customers can visit Gusta, enjoy some of the finest Italian food and drink and perhaps for a moment forget about what’s happening outside. 

This Christmas, we have some fantastic gifts for the Italophile in your life including fully customisable  hampers, a beautiful selection of hand picked Italian Wines and Panettoni, and Aperol and coffee inspired sets.   

We also have a vast delicatessen offering for your Italian inspired Christmas celebrations and for all those who enjoy a cold cosy night in we have takeaway pasta, bruschettoni and panini.


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