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BOOST’s unique combination of exercises will leave your body and, just as importantly, your mind revitalised.  One hour, only £7, no need to book, it’s everything you need and we have classes just down the road.

BOOST is a totally new fitness class. We believe that fitness is not just about your body but about your life too. Every class has different sections to focus on your different needs and to relieve your stress from a tough day, week, year or more. We aim to BOOST you and each other in a fun no judgement atmosphere.

We have a unique style of class, designed by our team of professionals: qualified fitness and movement-to-music instructors, osteopaths for our stretch sections, black-belt martial artists for our ‘combat’ sections. It has six distinct sections to BOOST your body in the space of a one hour class in the best possible ways: Warm up, Stress bust, BOOST your mood, BOOST your strength, Shake it off, Stretch it out

EVERYONE is welcome at a BOOSTfit class no matter your size, shape or fitness level. The class is full of every type of person and goal and we all support each other - that’s the beauty of BOOSTfit. Check out our class timetable and we hope to see you at our classes soon!

Remember we are a community that is here for YOU.


Free class or £10 off your first month

Free BOOSTfit class per block of 6 classes purchased, or £10 off your first month's subscription to BOOSTme (our online programme).

Please give your membership number when booking and show your card / virtual card at your first class.