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Great style will do amazing things for your confidence and self-esteem. It will help you to say who you are without having to speak, and has the power to create that all important first impression.

Realising what your style is gives you the tools to shop with focus and success ultimately saving you time and money. No more mistake or panic buys, and a wardrobe that makes you smile every time you open it.

Investing in your personal style is life changing. It’s a form of self care which can help you take time out of your fast paced world and leaves you feeling uplifted and energised. Something we should all prioritise as a necessity rather than a nice to have.

When you embark on a style journey with me, the stress of ‘what to wear’ disappears as you enjoy a bespoke and seamless service.

Let’s create YOUR amazing style.

Fine Styling by Fleur

10% off colour analysis

10% off colour analysis.  Includes colour analysis gift vouchers.

A colour analysis takes approximately 45 mins and consists of using a selection of coloured drapes placed under the chin to see directly the impact these colours have on skin tone. Being able to compare and contrast in this way allows you to really see the difference. 

Once completed I will tell you which colour season you are (1 of 4) and this will give you a selection of colours which suit you best meaning you can choose colourful clothes with much more confidence.

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