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Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, UK

We are a Tunbridge Wells company, producing our Go Goosey Onesie, the quick drying onesie for kids.

Quite simply, Go Goosey can be put on straight after swimming and dries on your child.  No soggy towels, no battles with clothes and no tantrums.  Our material is water repellent so only gets slightly damp on the inside but dries within 10 minutes. By the time your kids have had their snack and you are dressed, it is dry.  Even if you have to dress and leave immediately, your little one will still be warm. Our unisex product  can be used in all seasons and comes in five different sizes to fit children aged 2-11.  Whilst there may be similar products on the market, our USP is the drying factor of the material. Read more about our unique onesie here.

Go Goosey also offers quick drying towels which allow the whole drying experience to be as stress-free and quick as possible.  Quick dry, super absorbent, lightweight and compact microfibre sports/beach/swimming towels. Find out more here.


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