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Sleep coach for children and young people, Life Coach and Grief Recovery Coach for 15 year olds to to adult.

Sleep coaching: Developing long-term, research-based habits is one of the best things you can do for the wellbeing of your family – including you! Sleep training works because it is a science, and you need professionals that not only knows their stuff but have been in your shoes. With over 20 years of clinical experience, we are here to help you create positive, sustainable changes that empower you and your family. It’s time to stop suffering in silence and get the sleep you all so desperately need.

Life coaching: My passion is helping people to take an inventory of their life and ask themselves, perhaps for the first time, what is working and what is not. I absolutely believe in coaching and have seen first hand the profound effect it has, We keep prices deliberately low so that coaching is accessible to as many people as possible. With us, you can design a life that gets you excited to wake up in the morning – a life that belongs to you.

Grief coaching: It’s a misconception that only those mourning the death of a loved one can experience grief. Grief shows up in all forms; loss is a part of life, but we can often struggle to find the tools to cope. Many life events can result in losing something, evoking feelings of hopelessness, pain and sadness that can become overwhelming.  No matter the reason for your heartbreak, I can gently coach you through it.

Kelly Leigh Coaching

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