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Gemma Coe - Baby and Child Sleep Specialist

Gemma Coe is a Baby and Child Sleep Specialist based in Sevenoaks but working with clients worldwide. Gemma has had a successful career in medical education, healthcare and teaching, and she retrained as a sleep specialist when she became obsessed with her own little one's sleep! Gemma finds sleep absolutely fascinating and loves the opportunities that arise with helping families resolve and reclaim their nights.

Gemma offers tailored 1:1 support in her telephone clinics or via her package plans. Her advice is uniquely tailored to the family, child and individual circumstances. No two sleep plans are the same.

Prior to becoming a sleep specialist, Gemma worked in teaching and medical education for 20+ years having originally trained as a children's nurse. Gemma applies all this knowledge and practice to her role as a sleep specialist and helps to support families to get some really positive outcomes. She is also a proud mum to her two children, Elodie and Charlie.

Gemma Coe - Baby and Child Sleep Specialist

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