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Gift membership

Please find below frequently asked questions plus our terms and conditions.

Please find below frequently asked questions plus our terms and conditions.


1. How do I give someone a gift membership?

You can purchase a gift membership on our gift membership page here.  You can choose to purchase either an annual digital membership card for £24.99 or an annual printed membership card for £29.99.   Your recipient will receive either an electronic gift card or a printed gift card, which has all the instructions they need for getting set up as a member.

2. Where can they use their gift membership?

There are well over 800 local businesses now accepting the TN card and thanking members for supporting local with an exclusive offer, treat or discount.  For our full directory click here.

3. Can I send a printed gift card? 

Yes, if you would like to make your gift extra special, you can order a presentation booklet and printed gift card for £3, including postage.  We will send this out within 5 working days of receiving your order, but will work hard to get it out much sooner!

4. How long does gift membership last?

Gift memberships last twelve months. At the end of the 12 months, the recipient can renew their membership and set up a subscription if they wish, keeping their membership number.

5. Will I be charged again when the membership ends?

No, unlike our memberships, gift memberships are a one-time purchase and no subscription is set up. 

6. I've received a gift membership. How do I get set up?

Welcome to the TN card!  To get set up, please select either digital or printed membership here and at the payment stage, enter your gift code.

7. Who do I contact with any questions?

If you have any questions regarding gift membership or the TN card in general, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

8. Where are your general FAQs?

You can find our general FAQs here.

9. Where are your general T&Cs?

For our general T&Cs click here.


Terms and conditions

1.   In purchasing a gift membership, the customer is not entering a contract with the TN card.

2.  In redeeming a gift membership, the customer is agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership as stated in our terms and conditions here.

3.  No subscription is created for gift memberships.  Recipients have the option of extending their membership at the end of the gift period by creating a subscription, either on a monthly or annual basis.  This is not obligatory however.  Without an extension, membership will cease at the end of the gift period.

4.  Refunds or credits are not provided once the e-gift card has been redeemed.

5.  Should a refund be requested by the customer after a printed gift card has been dispatched, the customer will be required to return the gift card and presentation brochure prior to receiving a refund in accordance with your rights (Clause 4).